We want to inspire business leaders to bring fun and work together in their organizations. We are changing paradigms in education and corporate.

We are designing and developing amazing gamification platforms as a service for corporate and education institutions.

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SmartQuiz App for Learning & Development

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Digital Transformation and Gamification

Digital Transformation and Gamification Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, BYOD, Blockchain and many other cutting-edge and disruptive information technologies have caused significant changes in corporate business models. These changes have enabled users...

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Gamification to improve sales performance

Gamification is ideal for boosting sales If we asked top management about what they believe to be the most important element of their company, 90% would probably answer it is their product or service. If they had to choose a second element, this would most likely be...

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Raising awareness about Online Security and Gamification

Programmes aiming to raise awareness about issues relating to online security are increasingly important and are part of every CSO’s (Chief Security Officer) agenda.  An example of this are malicious emails, i.e. phishing, a universal problem which represents a great...

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