Gamification is ideal for boosting sales

If we asked top management about what they believe to be the most important element of their company, 90% would probably answer it is their product or service. If they had to choose a second element, this would most likely be their sales force. The sales department is, without a doubt, the pillar which supports company development for every firm, regardless of its size.

Every sales team plays a strategic role within its company’s corporate structure. This entails great responsibility because the team must reach the financial objectives defined by the company, gain new clients to ensure company growth, open new markets and maintain productivity, among other tasks. All of the above render the department especially subject to pressure and moments of stress; this is the most unpleasant aspect of working in such a valuable area for the company. To compensate for this, sales representatives are motivated to perform well with sales commissions and bonuses for achieving quarterly or annual objectives. However, we should not only offer financial incentives to boost the company’s sales force morale. Every company must try to improve its sales department’s performance by guaranteeing they receive continuous training and are well-aware of the products they sell, but also by ensuring the team works cohesively and is sufficiently motivated.

Re-boosting sales with Gamification

The previously mentioned tasks are the central elements of a corporation. On occasions, one of the main challenges for companies is to improve their sales representatives’ performance when they are not reaching the desired targets or when the team is disjointed or unhealthily competitive with each other (rather than with other suppliers within the same business sector).

To this aim, one of the proposed ideas to revive the sales team’s spirits, maintain them motivated and improve team dynamics – the popular Team Building term that HR departments try to encourage so much – is to use gamification.

Let’s remember that gamification is based on using game mechanics within the professional and educational fields to achieve better results in term of knowledge gain, skill development or specific actions. When it comes to gamification in sales, if the defined objective is to motivate the sales team, the challenge will be to use formulas to foster communication and drive participation in order to unite the team and improve its competitiveness.

Thanks to gamification, the sales department can create ranking tables based on the quotas which need to be reached or similar objectives. This encourages competitiveness while taking advantage of the appeal that gaining recognition because of a good ranking can have.

As for every strategy based on play, gamification supports designing a reward policy linked to the challenges achieved. The sales representative’s response, motivated on both a personal and professional level with the reward strategy, will result in greater productivity.

And, in addition, gamification helps people to escape from their routine, which can end up demotivating sales representatives. The key is to commit to regularly updating the gamification techniques used, which makes the sales representative stay alert on a continuous basis.

Gamification as a training tool

In addition to the benefit gamification brings to sales as a source of motivation within the sales team, the company can use gamification as a powerful training too. The sales representative must be motivated but, how will this be achieved if he or she finds that, as time goes by and as a result of technological advances, the product or service the company sells, as well as the devices he/she uses on a daily basis, evolve at too fast a pace?

Gamification offers a learning model based on techniques, mechanics, and dynamics based on games. And, in a world immersed in the digital era such as ours, gamification takes advantage of ICTs to offer games which foster learning via app downloads on any mobile device. Training thus becomes a free-flowing and enjoyable experience, during which the sales representative competes with his colleagues, while strengthening his/her knowledge and gaining new fundamental concepts to perform his/her job well.

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