Learning as an experience


New organizations, new generations, new ways of learning

For the new generations, the ability to learn and progress is key. To face the challenges the market presents, it is necessary for staff to develop continuously and in real time. To help them develop both their skills and knowledge, it is increasingly necessary to offer them enjoyable and engaging training experiences, that use innovative platforms and methodologies… aren’t you going to try?

People and digital transformation

The implementation of more fluid processes, tools and new organizational structures to foster organizational digital transformation is important, but it will fail if we forget about developing people. 42% of digital employees are likely to quit their current job if they are not learning quickly enough. These new employees also associate learning with an experience. The new structures are based on teams that focus on project execution. They are organized and disappear faster, requiring multifunctional assignments that involve the need for different skills tailored to the agility of changes. Additionally, most people want to learn at their own pace or train when they need it.

Our solution

Our first job is to detect training needs, study the necessary skills and analyse the transformational model. We develop a complete skills and competencies map for each profile, integrate the existing training material and design and develop new multimedia content catalogues. Continuous development is carried out on our gamified platforms: SmartQuiz Pro and Teaches, which foster employee loyalty and content assimilation.

Why SmartQuiz Pro?

SmartQuiz Pro is the gamification platform that motivates teams and strengthens knowledge using training pills. Development themes are transformed into questions; SmartQuiz Pro allows multiple dynamization modes to achieve maximum participation, with rankings, social gamification and multiple challenges. When used for only one week, a 50% increase in knowledge retention is achieved, interactions with the training content grow by 70%, and its comprehensive Report Dashboard allows you to measure performance and efficiency at all levels.

Why Teaches?

The Teaches platform brings a customizable and gamified graphic adventure to the training process. Additionally, Teaches can be configured as a traditional LXP, without graphic adventure. Teaches helps to cover stages through missions, training, awards and cooperation, improving the learning curve and measuring utilization. Teaches makes the content more attractive and turns learning into a participatory experience. Take an interactive journey by navigating through content, with custom-made activities and get a complete set of designed reports in your Dashboard.

What are the benefits?

Staff will be trained at their own pace, choosing when and where, with content designed to respond in times of need, with recommendations based on business rules, combining interactive training with booster pills. Thanks to our methodology and platforms you will create dynamic and continuous learning models that will provide the agility you need to respond to your organization’s goals of constant change and transformation.

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