Cyber awareness


The user is the ultimate defence: there is no point in investing in protective hardware and software without doing so in raising people’s awareness. With our cyber awareness platforms, you will achieve, by using gamification, an increase in staff commitment to security policies, changes in habits and behaviour and the results you need, reducing the risks associated with cyberattacks

Blue Team

Training in cybersecurity associated to missions. Each mission is related to a different real security contingency situation. Blue Team is a unique experience that recreates real cases in which users develop skills to detect different threats and how to manage them to avoid security crises.


A competition between users to demonstrate who has the most knowledge. SecurityQuiz is a social gamification platform based on a set of questions and training reinforcement designed by experts in cybersecurity and pedagogy. Training pills follow a progressive program, each question is associated with a concept or behaviour that reduces the level of risk when faced with an attack vector.

Escape Room

There are 60 minutes left, not a second longer, a virus is going to block the organization for weeks or maybe months, you know who, you know when, you know where, but you don’t have the key that will stop this catastrophe. You have 60 minutes and a lead; will you be able to stop the attack? Our «The office» Escape Room will transform our vision of vulnerabilities in just 60 minutes, while training staff. You can enjoy «The office» physically or virtually, to reach everyone.

Virtual Reality

You’ll get employees to live, first-hand, how a security breach could affect the organization. Virtual reality offers an unforgettable experience which, in just 10 minutes, will put your employees in a situation where human error generates unforeseeable consequences: economic and reputational losses, leakage of confidential documents and having to take responsibility. After going through the Virtual Reality corner, they will always be alert.


Increase in cyberattacks per year


Attacks targeting human error


Improving knowledge with GamePaths

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