Game of Genius


You’re about to try out the new format to attract digital talent. Innovation developed by our team of business anthropologists that enables you to identify the required soft skills and the degree of affinity with your organization, thus improving the onboarding experience for your employees

Talent attraction

Game of Genius is the only platform in the market with the ability to attract digital candidates. Using the most advanced gamification techniques, assess candidate soft skills and discover their degree of affinity with your organization. Thanks to its design, it helps both the organization and the candidate, by enabling search times to be reduced, improving the interview process and minimizing early abandonment. A unique methodology that places people and soft skills at the strategic core of the organization.

The Game of Genius adventure

Game of Genius takes place in 2552. Two centuries beforehand, when faced with the threat of an asteroid approaching Earth, the Planet Corp organization was created. A group of geniuses works tirelessly to avoid collision, but the asteroid is not what they expected, it brings a message and technology that allows the Jumper, an instant space jumping system, to be developed. During these two centuries humanity has lived in peace. Thanks to the Jumper, we have expanded into different planetary systems, living in affinity centred colonies. Planet Corp. is now responsible, with the best geniuses, the Viators, of correcting situations that can compromise the stability on each planet. You, as the main character in Game of Genius, have just joined Planet Corp. and must prove your worth to become a Viator of the stars, facing missions and situations that will take place on the different planets and can jeopardize the current situation.

The importance of soft skills

Soft skills are interpersonal skills, including competencies such as: critical thinking, negotiation, creativity, coordination, decision-making, empathy, leadership, learning, communication, proactivity, etc. A set of skills that make all the difference when it comes to having a highly-engaged team to help generate an exponential growth culture within the organization and long-term commitment. For decades, recruitment processes have been based on the assessment of hard skills, something that obviously needs to be done, but more than 60% of organizations have trouble assessing and identifying soft skills. To guarantee future success, it is essential for organizations to integrate soft skill assessment into their recruitment, onboarding and promotion processes.

Who is it for?

Game of Genius is the ideal platform to assess soft skills in an innovative way. Its design enables it to be used both for new talent recruitment and internal promotion. For each vacancy, Game of Genius builds the soft skills map, measures the degree of affinity with the organization and identifies the candidate with the «ideal profile» and how he/she fits in with the organization. With Game of Genius you’ll be able to hire innovative people who expect onboarding processes designed to attract and retain talent.

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