GamePaths at HR Innovation Summit 2019


This year we attended the main industry event for our sector: HR Innovation Summit 2019. Discover innovation applied to the talent sector

Gamification and Innovation

At GamePaths we believe that the greatest competitive advantage for any company is its human talent, so it is vital to perfect human capital management on a permanent basis. This is why we are committed to providing gamified and unique tools for the acquisition and retention of talent. GamePaths provides HR with the tools and knowledge to lead the transformation of companies. We believe that digital transformation is not based on technological transformation or process transformation, it is based on the transformation of people. The human resources or talent team must understand that they are the engine for transformation and what better place and environment to do so than the upcoming 2019 HR Innovation Summit, the leading event in the Spanish market on Trends, Innovation and Talent Management in the Digital Age which will take place in Madrid, on September 26th.

A must-attend event

Given the complex and demanding nature of today’s market, organizations need the best possible talent to sustain growth. To do this, it is vital to properly plan and execute the processes of recruitment, selection, development, assessment, retention, and succession of staff, i.e. the aim is to find the right people with the right skills at the right time, with a view to achieving the current and future objectives of the company. If you are a talent professional, entrepreneur or manager, and want to stay abreast of the latest trends in people management, the 2019 HR Innovation Summit is the event you can’t miss. This is why we invite you to come to our stand (GamePaths – S3, in front of the VIP room) and get to know us. We will be happy to show you the challenges that are set out in terms of human resources, the changes that your company needs to undertake and we will give you a demonstration of our platforms to help you digitally transform the management of your Human Capital into an excellent, emotional, fun and effective process.

The impact of GamePaths

At GamePaths we are developing solutions that use psychology, business anthropology and gamification as a means to improve engagement, with the aim of solving the challenges faced by talent management teams. We know that the design of policies and strategies by governments and companies that do not consider the human factor as the backbone, and the real engine, of change through people, is a serious problem for organizations, as it directly impacts productivity, goals and results. Hence the need for the Talent team to lead change and at GamePaths we know how to do it. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday 26th, to tell you about our projects, for you to witness that Innovation is in our DNA and for you to enjoy what we do using gamification, a guaranteed and differentiating value for the success of companies.

We’re waiting for you!

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