Gamified Experiences


Create magical moments using technology, gamification and unique physical mediums, your event will be unforgettable, transmit messages to customers or employees in a new and fun way using gamification

GamePaths Pinball

Solve the challenge of providing information in an innovative way in the organization’s break areas or any other physical space where customers and employees will be more relaxed, engaged and responsive. GamePaths’ Pinball allows you to take advantage of the appeal of pinball to spread your messages, whether to report company news, provide training pills, attract customers or just have a fun time. Whether it is being used or not, GamePaths’ Pinball allows you to broadcast content, by means of its two screens, in an innovative format that takes advantage of the appeal of the machine itself to capture your audience’s attention. In addition, the game metaphor is fully customizable and adaptable to your corporate image.

Lite Pinball

With GamePaths’ Lite Pinball you’ll have all the functionality in a smaller size, you can transport it to events more easily or even have it in a demo area for customers. It maintains the power of the message and the ability to attract but in a smaller medium which can be disassembled; the game metaphor is tailor-made for the message that you want to transmit, and it also adapts to the corporate image and colours.

Holographic arcade

This medium has a design which is reminiscent of the arcade machines of the 80s but more futuristic looking. Crowned by a holographic pyramid, it supports any type of tailor-made metaphor and is designed after analysing the message to be transmitted, the definition of the target audience and the result we want to achieve. It is ideal for demonstration centres, marketing events, company common areas etc. Take advantage of the game’s appeal and discover a new format to reach everyone in a way they will always remember.

HTML5 Gaming

At GamePaths we develop HTML5 gamification with the possibility of making temporary games to, for example, celebrate a company anniversary, launch a new product, attract new customers or transmit an idea or concept by playing. Do you want to celebrate or communicate in an unforgettable way? If so, do not hesitate, you will have an unforgettable experience.


Design attractiveness


Remembered message


Fun experience

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