A platform for motivating and reinforcing corporate culture and values, Hakapp turns each collaborator into an ambassador for the desired behaviour that represents company values, with the ability to give and receive feedback, share experiences and increase engagement by means of gamification

How does Hakapp work?

Hakapp is the platform for recognizing which behaviour among colleagues, groups and teams is aligned with the values, culture and purpose of the organization. Now the organization can transform values into real actions, every collaborator can give praise to their peers, in real time, explaining why. The actions are visible and celebrated throughout the organization, gathering the reactions of the rest of the people. Hakapp also includes modules to provide real-time feedback, user group generation, create event, training and mission invitations and evaluations and much more.

Participatory missions

Hakapp is the tool that makes positive reinforcement viral, you can design missions to encourage participation, solidify the culture and collect information in real time. The missions set an action to be performed in a given time, each action receives its recognition and is valued by the community. In addition, you can have different missions for each department or each geographical area.

You can use the event module to invite users and know the impact it has generated on the teams; for example, after a workshop or a training course. In addition, from the feedback area, any user can ask a group of people for their opinion on an exhibition, meeting, action or topic of interest.

Engagement and training

Hakapp is a gamified platform; the collaborator will be rewarded for the actions generated, both by giving praise and being given praise, with an evolution system to encourage contributions. By using gamification mechanisms which encourage collaboration and teamwork, we generate greater staff engagement.

Hakapp also has a training module, which uses multimedia pills, designed to develop each behaviour and skill that will lead the organization towards the desired shared values, culture and purpose. These training pills can include, if desired, a subsequent test, either to evaluate the content, carry out a survey or analyse the effectiveness of the training.

Who is it for?

Hakapp is the tool for organizations that want to implement Growth Mindset models; it has been designed in collaboration with psychologists with expertise in people development, to promote the feeling of belonging and improve motivation and knowledge. It allows all members of the organization to assume leadership positions with total flexibility, enhances behaviour creation and education for collaborators to develop their skills, encourages collaboration and teamwork, develops a culture of «mistakes don’t exist, only opportunities to improve do» and gives recognition to team members for their continuous improvement. With Hakapp, conversations about development take place every day, with each action being observed and valued. You will also have access to comprehensive reports that will make you discover informal leaders and keep your finger on the pulse of the atmosphere within your organization on a daily basis.

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