Innovating is everyone's business


Innovation as a key pillar of change and adaptation to the competitive environment

It is essential to develop cultures and structures that foster creativity, constant innovation, intrapreneurship, a push for change. Employees are key to innovating but organizations must provide them with the tools they need to exploit their potential, your tool is MatchThinking, do you want to try it?

What is cooperative innovation?

It’s changing the point of view, it’s collaborating, it’s finding synergies, it’s sharing, it’s improving. It’s disruptively or incrementally transforming a model, service or product available on the market. It’s searching for and testing new and improved uses for what we already have. It’s improving the processes around us to create added value. It’s turning creativity into solutions of greater value for all parties involved. It’s an attitude, it’s reinventing, it’s an ongoing process, it’s imagining, it’s co-creating. Our methodology, based on communication, workshops, shadowing and the MatchThinking platform for Crowd Innovation and Learning, allows companies to generate an ecosystem of intrapreneurship and innovation.

How do we help you?

The first thing we do is focus on defining the innovation program and its objectives, we establish and energize the «learning by doing» workshops as well as the co-creation spaces, i.e. we adapt the methodology to your ecosystem. We then accompany people in the cultural shift towards innovation for the development of new skills and new ways of working and we make our MatchThinking platform available to them.

Why MatchThinking?

Because it allows employees to be the creators of transformation initiatives in the company, to democratically choose those that will be implemented and, at the same time, to make them co-owners of these initiatives. MatchThinking allows users to suggest innovative ideas for the organization, from new products and services to new business models.

What are the benefits?

With MatchThinking you will be able to unlock the potential and drive the innovation that the organization holds within its teams, valuing contributions and developing talent. MatchThinking empowers people to achieve results, using stimulation and mentoring we manage to transform the vision into an idea, the idea into a plan and the plan into results for the company. MatchThinking is a collaborative intrapreneurship generator. Teams will learn how to develop business models and about Design Thinking, they will encourage innovation and bring about a changed mindset.

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