Innovation comes when people feel free to experiment, work and collaborate. MatchThinking is the platform for collaborative innovation, co-creation, the identification of latent employee ideas, the generation of a culture of constant innovation, collaboration and competition which moves ideas

How does MatchThinking work?

More than 70% of the best innovation ideas are born from the people within the organization itself. MatchThinking is the platform that allows employees to be the creators of the company’s transformation initiatives. The organization can suggest innovation challenges and users contribute their innovative ideas, from new products and services to new business models for the company. Employees can participate in teams or individually, publishing their proposal with their business model. Each user has virtual money with which to back the ideas with the greatest potential, passing several funding rounds until reaching the investment committee. With MatchThinking, employees have the experience of launching a startup within their organization.

Collaborative innovation

Everyone brings their idea or transformation project to the table, MatchThinking encourages teams to be created, which will work as business partners in the project. The platform has a training area to learn the best techniques for idea generation, innovation and business plan development. Anyone can be a Business Angel, thanks to the virtual wallet they can invest in the best initiatives. Each project passes different funding rounds, coming at a profit or a loss for its business angels. The best projects reach the real investment committee, which evaluates and decides to back the best initiatives. The organization has ideas generated and endorsed by its collaborators, the winners and their investors are rewarded.

Gamification and business

Gamification is developed within a climbing metaphor, mountaineers are the entrepreneurs, those who lead the idea or project, the sherpas are the partners who collaborate and participate in the development of the business model and the sponsors are the investors who back the best ideas. The gamification elements combine badges and classifications with the elements needed to reach the summit. You start at the climbing wall and reach Everest but, for this, you have to contribute innovative ideas, defend your business model and convince the investors. Each project is an adventure, only the best reach the summit.

Who is it for?

MatchThinking is the crowdfunding platform for innovation, to generate a culture of intrapreneurship within the organization. It is successfully used within innovation teams to generate ideas 365 days a year, within other teams to generate a culture of intrapreneurship, in marketing to generate ideas about new services, products or marketing models, etc. In addition, the ideas provided by the teams are valued, they see them progress and be implemented within the organization, thus improving engagement and considerably reducing staff turnover.

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