Monday is Over


Discover the productivity accelerator. Monday is Over is the platform that, by using gamification and multimedia elements, transmits all the necessary knowledge for new employees to become productive in record time

It improves the onboarding process

Monday is Over is a new and innovative onboarding experience, using gamification as a technique to incentivize engagement, Monday is Over improves the learning curve and fosters creativity and productivity, drastically reducing TTP (Time-To-Productivity) and improving skill development. With Monday is Over you will be able to share the purpose, culture and values quickly and homogeneously, save time, automate tasks, increase engagement, digitally transform your organization and reduce the rate of abandonment, all with a return on investment from the first hire.

Turn onboarding into an adventure

Monday is Over is an epic adventure, you will move to the universe of the Wayfinder, a land of scholars that suffered the attack of the Dark Ones centuries ago. They left a great magic totem that plunged the world into absolute darkness. An old prophecy says that, one day, a Legend will arrive from the human world to defeat the great totem and bring back the light. You are the next Legend, progress through the adventure until you achieve success.

Monday is Over provides a personalized adventure for every department in the organization, working on skills and competencies based on missions, challenges and interactive content that will make the onboarding process an adventure.

Innovation and personalization

Monday is Over is fully customizable to the onboarding process of any company. The employee will be trained based on various multimedia contents, images, videos, documents and challenges within the platform and missions outside it, interacting with different departments and colleagues. It will also provide feedback throughout the process and content assessment.

Monday is Over also has elements for measuring logical and creative skills, with detailed reports and am entirely unique script management and graphic generation system.

Who is it for?

Monday is Over is aimed at teams of innovative people who wish to have an onboarding process designed to attract and retain talent, with continuous process follow-up that ensures the transmission of the organization’s purpose, culture and values, communicating shared and specific policies, products, services and solutions or the value of the organization to the customer. It also encourages interpersonal communication and all the above increase engagement and minimize the time needed to be working at 100 %.

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