First impressions matter


Generate engagement from day one

The average time from the moment a person is hired until they are at the optimum level of productivity is between 4 to 8 months. Offering newcomers a great knowledge and integration experience builds a culture of teamwork and maintains engagement. If you want to add value to your onboarding process, it’s time to try

Onboarding structure

Before launching the Monday is Over platform, we design a custom-made onboarding structure, conduct a formal and informal study of the organization’s values, incorporate existing materials and design the necessary multimedia content. We identify the requirements to be a top performer in each position, the degree of proximity between departments and people, we generate the relationship and ecosystem diagram as well as the moments of truth in the feedback process. This all allows you to share the values from day one, generate integration, clarity, knowledge and self-confidence, increasing satisfaction, reducing TTP (Time-To-Productivity) and improving performance and talent retention.

One person, one onboarding process

Our Monday is Over platform allows you to design fully customized itineraries, adapting the areas of knowledge and reinforcement to a geographical area, department or position. Monday is Over enables you to create tests and missions designed for each person to live a different adventure, assessing capabilities and progressing at the right pace for everyone.

Why Monday is Over?

Monday is Over is the gamification platform that reduces onboarding administrative expenses and improves the time it takes to reach the maximum level of productivity. All this in a fun and engaging way, with traceability and feedback in each phase. Monday is Over allows you to generate a better employee experience, reduce the rate of early abandonment, increase engagement and foster personal relationships.

What are the benefits?

Using our methodology and our Monday is Over Platform, onboarding will become a process, instead of just a kick-off event. You will ensure the values, culture, processes and knowledge necessary to reach 100% productivity in record time are communicated and assimilated appropriately. You will be able to create the necessary personal connections since Monday is Over facilitates new employees becoming aware of key people within the organization and the rest of employees knowing about the new people too.

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