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Get to know the importance of viralizing positive reinforcement

The purpose, culture and values of an organization must be transformed into specific behaviour and must be reflected by top management. A recent study shows that recognition increases engagement by 60%, and that nearly 40% of people who leave organizations do so because they don’t feel valued. If your agenda is to turn the values, culture and purpose of the organization into something real, it’s time to try

Informal values

An organization’s values are typically a statement of intent that is communicated to all employees, but it does not translate into actual actions. At GamePaths we use business anthropology to analyse the gap between formal and informal values. We generate the behaviour map linked to each value and identify the transformation levers. And we do all of this to move teams from informal, but real, values to formal values. We generate the transformation calendar and create the contents in the form of missions and progress pills. We design the communication plan, plan workshops and, finally, launch the Hakapp platform, to viralize values thanks to social recognition.

Why Business Anthropology?

The anthropological approach is essential to understand the micro realities and their relationship to macro processes, generating a coherent structure of work. Anthropological observation allows us to determine what is the usual behaviour, real values and culture within the context. This immersion in the daily life of the community is essential to design the transformation levers and generate the missions and messages on the Hakapp platform.

Why Hakapp?

Hakapp is the platform for viralizing corporate values and increasing motivation that, by using positive recognition, encourages appropriate behaviour, transforms teams, provides a real-time view of the condition of the organization and identifies informal leaders. All participants give recognition and are recognized, providing positive feedback. In addition, by using booster pills, behaviour linked to the company values is shared, thus developing a Growth Mindset organization.

What are the benefits?

Using our methodology and our Hakapp platform you will be able to generate a culture of recognition and feedback, as well as to turn values into something real. This will result in increased engagement with the organization, reduced abandonment and will help identify informal leaders and manage team expectations, thus achieving transformation and results.

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