High-impact sales teams


Development based on observation

SWING combines Anthropological Observation and Artificial Intelligence to define customized Training and Coaching activities and programs, allowing, in addition, the individual evolution of sales reps to be monitored.

Swing Sales Methodology

The golf swing is a complicated movement that mixes precision and speed, training is essential to do it successfully. Swing Sales Methodology optimises sales teams by means of collaborative intelligence, accelerating performance using individual actions to maximize the impact of the sales team.

The factors that determine sales performance have a hidden aspect that can be observed using Anthropological Observation and Artificial Intelligence.

Acceleration through coaching

Sales reps are key for accelerating results. There is a significant performance gap between TOP sellers and the rest of the sales team so, to develop the sales network’s full potential, it is essential to identify what TOP sellers do that makes them different and therefore generates greater success.

With Swing we thoroughly identify TOP seller practices, establishing customized training and coaching programs to help «average» sellers develop, enabling them to get closer to, or even reach, the TOP position.

Anthropological observation

After analysing the information in the systems (sales, activity, CRM structure etc.), we hold sessions with the sales team managers, analysing the variables that determine a TOP seller. Anthropological observation consists in fieldwork that we carry out by means of joint visits with the sales reps. We accompany each sales rep throughout the day, observe their planning, customer visits, their style, attitude and skills and analyse and record the observed variables. These variables, along with the system variables, are standardized for further analysis.

Artificial intelligence

We apply AI to gain a better understanding of the factors that determine sales team performance, their grouping and profiling, so that we can define the TOP seller profile. To do this, we analyse the components that determine the differences between individuals and the importance of those variables, especially focussing on achieving objectives and grouping individuals by types (clustering). With all this information, the system generates an individual action and improvement plan, as well as an indicator for the impact each action will have.

Swing Coaching Platform

With the information obtained at the group and individual level, individual development programs are designed to take all sales reps towards the TOP profile. These programs include group workshops, individual sessions with experts and the SCP, which allows development to monitored and promoted, using gamification techniques and knowledge pills that will guide teams throughout their continuous improvement journey.


First-year sales growth


Sales rep evolution from average to top


Increased customer satisfaction

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