SmartQuiz Pro


Training whenever you want, wherever you want. SmartQuiz Pro is your training platform that empowers teams to develop by means of a game. In just 10 minutes you can have a «training competition» in place on any subject, questions, training pills and audiovisual material, to learn in a fun way

How does SmartQuiz Pro work?

SmartQuiz Pro uses social gamification with dynamics and mechanics designed to increase engagement and knowledge acquisition. Its use is very simple, it selects the training theme and the contents for the skill to be developed, creates the questions and booster pills and chooses the associated multimedia elements. Go to the SmartQuiz Pro admin panel and, in minutes, set up the game mode, upload your brand, invite students and schedule dates. Students will be able to access it on their mobile devices, train, challenge each other and win in each of the existing categories. The platform includes complete reports to monitor the training process and observe improvement; in just a week, subject knowledge increases by 50%.

Tailor-made design

Gamification should be social, stir up emotions and develop cognitive abilities. SmartQuiz Pro has been developed with teams of psychologists and educators to design the game logic with a clear goal: acquire knowledge. The content interaction ratio is 70% higher than with the traditional training model. SmartQuiz Pro encourages learning with competitions, users get prizes, appear in point, diligence and training rankings, challenge other users, use skills and compete against each other and against themselves, achieving, in a fun way, the objective: to acquire the knowledge. With SmartQuiz Pro you can configure the avatars linked to each of the 8 levels, choose the game mode: free, handicap or league and select the logo for the app header. SmartQuiz Pro also allows you to select: how often the virtual assistant sends messages, the use schedule, challenge expiration, points earned per question, answer times, special questions and more than 50 different parameters.

Engagement, performance, learning

Train to be a teacher, compete against yourself and gain knowledge and points that transform into advantages when it comes to competing with your colleagues. Challenge others at different levels of difficulty and earn points, prize chests and recognition, interact with the other participants, send messages and generate a common goal. You can challenge your colleagues one by one or compete in groups. Stand out from the crowd, play, advance, unlock prizes and fight to be better; the avatar changes as you gain knowledge, step by step until you reach the top. SmartQuiz Pro allows you to configure different campaigns with independent themes and groups, generates engagement, improves performance and raises knowledge levels in a fun way.

Who is it for?

SmartQuiz Pro is successfully used in training processes in different areas: For process, tool, company procedure, policy and compliance training; for sales team training with regards to products and services; to ensure marketing teams communicate well and have sufficient knowledge. With face-to-face training courses, to consolidate knowledge after the course or to measure the initial level, before the course starts. To prepare teams in certification processes, etc.

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