You can’t buy talent, you attract it


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There is a high demand for some profiles, the traditional brand is no longer attractive to new generations, more and more digital profiles are required, the traditional interview model doesn’t tell us anything about candidate soft skills and does not attract the people we need. It’s time to try something new

Attract the talent you need

70% of companies have trouble finding the right talent, 50% of the people think about changing jobs within 6 months of being hired and 15% do. Our innovative methodology based on business anthropology analyses the real needs from people’s point of view. We study the degree of attractiveness of the company, design the communication plan and interviews and, with the Game of Genius Platform, ensure that the people hired will share the values of the company and that their soft skills will be the right ones for the position.

Why Business Anthropology?

To generate a coherent work structure, it is essential to understand micro realities and their relationship to macro processes. The innovativeness of the anthropological approach lies in the identification of solutions within a specific context. Immersion in the daily life of the community is essential to generate quality data based on reality and, in this way, adapt gamification to each specific case.

Why Game of Genius?

Game of Genius is the gamification platform that, using the most advanced anthropological evaluation techniques, generates the soft skills map of the candidates before the first interview. Its design increases the degree of attractiveness, measures the degree of affinity with the organization and reduces onboarding times and costs.

What are the benefits?

Using our methodology and our Game of Genius Platform, you will be able to increase your organization’s attractiveness, precisely match candidates to the ideal profile for a specific position and ensure they fit in with the purpose, culture and values of the organization. You’ll reduce early staff turnover and achieve significant savings in the onboarding process.

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Reskilling y upskilling

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