Talent detection and retention: HR's Achilles heel


Conclusions from the breakfast meeting organized by GamePaths and Nui People with Talent team managers

Finding and retaining the best talent

Currently, retaining or finding the best talent for your business is not an easy task, but, more than a problem, it emerges as a structural challenge for companies, a consequence of the natural law of the market. Attracting and retaining the candidates your business needs becomes a challenge as people are a source of competitive advantage in organizations. These are some of the main conclusions highlighted in the breakfast meeting organized by GamePaths and Nui People at the Argo Club in Madrid, with HR executives from various companies who have these difficulties as a common denominator: the inability to retain and find talent for their companies and the urgent need to have innovative tools available that offer a good onboarding plan for their employees.

It is not easy to get qualified and motivated human resources. Talent in professionals is a scarce factor and you have to know how to look for, capture and, undoubtedly, retain it. Because of this lack of talent, it is no surprise, then, that good employees have, in many cases, high turnover rates and change company as more appealing proposals emerge. In this scenario, HR departments become, as a result, central players when it comes to keeping the best among their ranks and this is why GamePaths is at the forefront when it comes to working with gamification tools that address the problem in an original, cost-effective and professional way for all the parties involved.

As Angel Blancas, CEO of GamePaths, explained, «Companies need to renew themselves to meet the challenges of the labour market and remain competitive. An important component to attract and retain key employees is to articulate the right value proposition to employees, i.e. what the company can give them and what they expect from them in return. This is why we have called our project Game of Genius. It combines gamification, social anthropology, psychology and artificial intelligence to identify and attract talent for organizations, seeking not only to match the soft skills required for a position, but also the degree of affinity with corporate values, all to reduce turnover and the costs of recruiting.

GamePaths’ platform for onboarding

The onboarding (or staff induction) process has become one of the most important priorities for HR professionals. Companies have realized that new employees cannot be left to their fate and that it is necessary to prepare their arrival, so they understand how the company operates, get to know their colleagues and become familiar with their workplace. The goal is clear: ensuring newcomers feel comfortable in their early days so they can start to be productive as soon as possible and decide to stay in the company.

Under these premises, GamePaths has created the ‘Monday is Over’ tool which aims to transmit, within a friendly environment, the expectations, mission, vision, values, processes, tools and people, thus reducing induction related stress and minimizing the time it takes newcomers to adapt. To this aim, after an initial consultation to analyse and customize the onboarding process for the organization, the ‘Monday is Over’ Route Map is designed. The person, when hired, receives a user for the platform and begins his/her journey to get to know, in record time, the processes and tools, the organization and key people, the culture and values, and the value that he/she brings to customers. This is done by overcoming different stages and sharing his/her progress, all with multimedia content and a completely customizable platform.

Finally, the HR managers who attended the breakfast meeting organized by GamePaths and Nui People agreed that a good onboarding process not only improves the retention rate for new employees, but also their productivity. It is hence increasingly a priority to take the induction of staff very seriously, dedicate all the resources available to you and design a well-defined process from start to finish.

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