Discover the gamified Learning eXperience Platform for companies: accessible online, with the best completion ratios in the market, fully customized content and gamified metaphors which are adaptable to your corporate environment. Teaches incorporates a graphic adventure into continuous learning. Discover this learning adventure

How does Teaches work?

Teaches is the comprehensive and customizable web based gamified multimedia HTML5 training platform. It can be accessed on multiple devices and provides assessments at any point in the itinerary. Learning based on business simulations and applications, with the most advanced technical solutions, with a gamified approach. It creates a metaphor or adapted world in which the participant stars in the actions to be carried out and advances in the learning process, with his/her decisions, to achieve more enjoyable and effective experiences.

The student accesses Teaches, configures his/her avatar, accesses the Library to review the training contents and gets ready in the training room before challenging his/her teammates. The challenges consist of individual and group competitions, climbing in the ranking and moving ahead until reaching the objective, conquering each of the points of interest that appear on the map.

Tailor-made design

Teaches allows you to completely customize both the contents and the graphic adventure, adapting it to the need of each organization. It meets the requirements for any area of the company, both in terms of communication and content and assessment.

Teaches incorporates a graphic adventure or metaphor that you can use or adapt to the design that best suits your business, your department or your company culture.

Teaches includes learning, training, challenges and assessment. Users get rewards, appear in rankings and achieve their objective in a fun way: a learning experience that increases knowledge. At Teaches we tailor user avatars, badges and prizes and the graphic environment and you can choose to include partial and/or final assessments or just unassessed development.

The learning adventure

The Teaches adventure takes you back to between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. You are an amateur merchant who must explore the different routes of commerce around the world, starting with the Silk Road and completing, one by one, the most important trade routes. Each of the routes has several stages with points of interest and each point can only be conquered by a team. Show your knowledge in each topic and you will climb in the ranking, advance as a merchant and leave your mark in the Logbook. With Teaches, each training module becomes an adventure and an unforgettable experience. Remember that the adventure is customizable, we can adapt it to your business with new graphic environments.

Who is it for?

Teaches is successfully used in training processes in different areas. For example, by business development teams to train and certify traders internationally or by HR departments to deliver company policy, compliance and prevention of occupational hazards courses. Any mandatory training is made more attractive, whether it be training marketing teams on products and services or sales teams to ensure they know how to use the CRM. Teaches also provides reports with insight into acquired knowledge, engagement and assessment.

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