Design a unique employee experience


The success of a transformation process depends on people

Discover the importance of designing an inspiring journey and get teams to share a common purpose. Truly talented candidates have high expectations towards their potential employers and only an extraordinary experience leads to greater productivity and better results

Attracting talent

The journey begins before the employee is hired. Our solution attracts the best candidates for each position. We design the ideal profiles based on the soft skills that match each role, corporate values and culture. For this, we apply talent consulting and business anthropology and use the innovative Game of Genius gamified platform.

Onboarding process

First impressions are critical. The onboarding process is key to increasing engagement, spreading the purpose of the organization, decreasing abandonment and improving ‘Time to Productivity’. We are experts in designing custom-made onboarding structures, accelerating productivity with the Monday is Over platform.

Continuous learning

Agile companies need training technologies that enable digitally delivered continuous learning, with full access anytime, anywhere and micro-learning. With the Teaches LXP and the SmartQuiz gamified platform, training generates enjoyable and fun experiences that make learning more appealing.

Intrapreneurship and innovation

A high-performing company rewards innovation and experimentation. It is essential to develop cultures and structures that foster creativity, constant innovation and an intrapreneurial spirit. Employees are key to innovating, with the MatchThinking platform you will provide them with the necessary tools to exploit their full potential.

Recognition, culture and values

A growth mindset organization model has a purpose, culture, and values which are shared by the entire organization. Values are transformed into behaviour that must be acknowledged. With the Hakapp platform you will be able to transform values into a source of inspiration and motivation by means of global recognition, with dynamics and missions that increase engagement.

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Reskilling y upskilling

Reskilling y upskilling

En un escenario en el que se constata una brecha entre el talento requerido y el existente en el mercado, toman protagonismo el reskilling y upskilling.

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